Various Cutting Fluids

Just as there are different metals, there are various cutting fluids as well. Cutting fluids provide the lubrication necessary to prevent heat buildup, a hallmark of metal scraping against metal. Cutting fluids also move metal shavings out of the way. A constant river of fluid removes the shavings from the work area. You can choose from soluble oils, straight oils, or synthetic oils for your cutting pleasure.

Cutting Fluid Safety

Cutting fluids are safe to use as long as you follow a certain protocol. Like any type of chemical, the fluid can irritate skin, harm eyes, or irritate lung passages if exposed. You should follow the proper safety measures outlined by your company or the manufacturer’s suggestions to ensure against injury. Never eat or drink around cutting fluids as you risk ingesting the chemical.

Cutting Fluid Disposal

The ability to reuse cutting fluids makes it convenient and saves money. By using proper ratios, you can continue to add appropriate amounts of oil, water, or other substances that are needed to keep it in good working condition. This allows you to reuse the fluid multiple times. Proper disposal of cutting fluids is also necessary to prevent it from having a negative effect on soil or in sewer systems.

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